Kannoun Design

Our approach to building design is one of innovation.
We incorporate the rich and vibrant legacy of the UAE with modernistic non-traditional methods. We believe people see buildings with emotion not logic and that each structure should tell a story, one waiting to enthrall and captivate those who encounter it.
With this in mind, we aim for the design and construction of a building to be enjoyed by people as part of an overall experience

Our Expertise

Architectural + Engineering Design

Our experienced Architects and Engineers create their solutions with dedication and passion, and apply our quality procedures in all the deliverables.

Whether you are looking for a 2-hour design consultation or a professional to manage your interior design project from A-Z, we offer a range of interior design services to meet your needs.

Our E-Design services are the perfect option for clients who want an affordable, collaborative solution to designing their home. With E-Design, after an initial consultation which includes a detailed questionnaire, we will deliver to you via email a customized floor plan, mood board, paint palette, curated shopping list, and detailed installation instructions; you will complete the shopping and the installation.