HJ Villa

The region is defined by its homes and the home is the centre of life in the region. The traditional layout of houses in the region is very important. Modern lifestyle has not replaced the traditional layout of the home. This is an important consideration in terms of modern house design.
For Kannoun, this need for respecting tradition does not impede the space to create a dynamic and modern home. This house is about expressing the traditional Arabian house in a contemporary form.
It has a very traditional plan, however this is expressed in a dynamic and modern form, yet it also is celebrating and facilitating family life.
The compartmentalisation allows for different private spaces. We linked all of these spaces together to enable the user
to choose between resting or relaxing within one space or opening folding door to connect with bigger spaces within the rest of the house.
The climate of the UAE means that one retreats inside during the summer. As Architects and Designers, we believe that the exterior is as much a part of the design as the interior. HJ Villa is all about framing views and landscapes. The client sought to create a series of themes within his garden at a later stage. The idea is that each part of the house frames a particular view or themed garden space.

  • Location

    Sharjah - U.A.E

  • Size

    1393 sqm.

  • Services

    Architectural - Interior Design

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