K12 Apartment

Clients demand better buildings and better design which allow these buildings to be delivered within a reduced timescale. The best method in terms of achieving this objective is to compartmentalize or modulate the building elements, reducing what you design and repeating a limited amount of building elements across a larger building.
This was a medium-sized project where we sought to maximize the opportunities of repeat design. Most building projects should adapt smarter design within their initial concept.
This can be done in a number of ways. Stacking units within the overall plan will help efficiency of MEP layouts, for instance. This procedure is a win for the developer.
The whole building solution embodied the modular ethos. The final project is a sum of a reduced number of better- designed parts. The additional benefit of such approach is that the contractor can finish buildings to a higher standard as he is not learning how to construct so many numerous building elements during construction of the project.

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