MF Villa

House design can be always improved by the clever use of light. Light is an essential contributor to the quality and success of an Interior space. At Kannoun we believe in the clever utilization of light. This Project explores how light is used within Architecture and how it improves the quality of the final design through the clever use of double height space, skylights and generously proportioned north-facing windows.
We have created sleek strips within the design of interior space, that in themselves form interesting internal rooms. The intersection of these areas carve out spaces within the house and this provides the end user endless new exterior perspectives from the interior.
The MF Villa is all about inversion. The inversion of private space over the public façade which turns its back on a busy residential street. This is where the house will delight visitors who are fortunate to visit. Once one passes through the threshold of the entrance, the house reveals its interior secrets, its exquisitely moulded landscaped areas and pool and associated pool decking areas.
We wanted to bring together the opposing themes within the design, openness and seclusion and reinterpret this in a contemporary and sleek manner. The space inside feels almost infinite thanks to the enormity of the glass panels which overlook the large garden space that allows that.

  • Location

    Dubai, UAE

  • Size

    1245 sqm.

  • Services

    Architectural - Interior Design

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