Stargazer Resort

The culture of the UAE is rich with tradition and is built upon a rich, layered history. The sense of place and appropriateness of design is very important to the team at Kannoun. This project aims to have a light touch on the landscape.
Stargazers Hotel is designed as a beachfront oasis which serves as a getaway from Ras Al Khaimah. The design of the building is heavily influenced by the traditional typologies of buildings in coastal regions of the UAE.
The guests can choose to unwind in their private villa structure or eat and drink and relax in the main hotel area. The design allows visitors to be one with the desert, the ocean and the surrounding mountains. The beachfront hotel allows the user to reconnect with a simplier life but doesn’t sacrifice any luxuries of a luxury hotel resort.

  • Location

    Ras Al Khaimah - U.A.E

  • Size

    3254 sqm.

  • Services

    Architectural - Interior Design

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