The Hub

Retail design has to consider many factors, however a good starting point for laying out these types of spaces is to consider structural efficiencies which can assist in maximizing parking layouts. The key to achieving this is to create a suitable grid that can assist freedom in retail design and ensure well-designed parking layouts below. This project was envisaged from the basement up.

The simple grid enables the design to create a cluster type massing. We want to ensure that the traditions of the region can be reinterpreted in a modern way and in this project we were keen to recreate the central meeting spaces of more traditional Emirati village settlements within the layout of the central square.

The proposed structural grid is 9 x 9 meters and allows for efficient car parking and retail layout above. The hub, a medium- density modular structure, allows for meetings, celebration and a festive atmosphere. Visitors can sample different global cuisines, browse and shop within a comfortable, familiar environment.

  • Location

    Sharjah - U.A.E

  • Size

    13934 sqm.

  • Services

    Architectural - Interior Design

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